Patches & Pretty Girl, Pigeon Love - IN MEMORY

Published on: March 16th, 2015

Birdman of long beach - I did some pigeon rescue for Animal Control in Long Beach California about three years ago. Ted Stevens the Manager of Animal Control in Long Beach drove all the way across town to bring me this beautiful domesticated pigeon that I named Patches. I named him Patches because of a blotch on his face that made him look like a Mafia Hit Pigeon - Ha Ha Ha - I had a patient I named Pretty Girl that had all of her toes on one foot tied so bad with string cutting off the circulation that she lost every toe on that foot. The reason Ted brought me  Patches in the first place was because every time they released him the silly pigeon would fly back to their shoulders ( Not a smart move at Animal Control ) He has no idea how lucky he was that Ted Stevens was kind enough to drive him all those miles to save his life rather than just put him down. Anyway I put him and Pretty Girl together to see if they would get along and they fell in love instantly. For a few months lately pretty girl was not flying very much in the bathroom and I am thinking maybe she had a weak heart. Two days ago when I was changing her food dish I could tell she was weak. I took her out of her cage and I was getting the Batril Antibiotics and she passed away as I held her against my heart. My heart just breaks for Patches and I am holding him a lot every day and hugging him and comforting him the best I can. But I took her tortured life of pain away and gave her a loving husband. She had the happiest few years a pigeon could have ever wished for. So one day when Patches crosses over the Rainbow Bridge I feel in my heart they will be together again. Rest in peace my little sweetheart and we will all miss you so much. If anyone needs help with or advice about a injured pigeon please contact me - Dan Lubniewski -

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