German Shepherd Covered With Oil

Published on: March 6th, 2015

With 10 Years of rescuing over 4,000 injured pigeons off the street and doctoring them. There was quite a few pigeons that I rescued that were covered in oil. See the reason a pigeon keeps from getting deathly sick from sitting out in the rain in a rain storm is because they are waterproof. I wondered for a long time why they would sit in pouring rain with shelter just a few feet away. It's because when they are waterproof its like us having on a rain coat. But once a pigeon gets oil on his feathers and body he is no longer waterproof and can't keep himself warm and dry. So unless someone helps  them get the oil off most likely they will get sick and die pretty fast. I took many pigeons covered in oil to International Bird Rescue in San Pedro California where they work on birds that get oiled. Well just about 2  hours ago the German Shepherd that I rescued and saved his life a few times already from next door. Well they tied him up in a very dangerous place and some how he got his whole body full of oil, has a hurt leg and was bleeding from a cut in his ear. I used two whole rolls of paper towels getting as much of the oil off him as I could. The reason I mentioned about pigeons being waterproof unless they get oil on their feathers is. I am wondering now if a dog gets oil on his fur if that will keep him from being able to keep his body warm from the cold rainy weather. The reason I am writing this story now is because I am so upset and furious the way he is being treated. I can't report him because animal control will come and seize him. The Mexican family that own him would never pay to get him back and he would be put down. It is really hard on me living here with all the neglect of animals all around me but I guess my being here is doing some good. I have rescued a lot of animals in a year and a half and saved quite a few lives already. I feed all the hungry animals in my area and also give them water every day.  I also put out about 200 lbs. of bird seed a month in my driveway for many flocks of birds that come here every day. If anyone needs advice on a injured pigeon. Contact me - Birdman of long beach - Dan Lubniewski at - - and if you want to make a donation to help with my rescue work you can though Paypal using my e-mail address.

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