German Shepherd Attacks Pitbull

Published on: November 15th, 2014

Birdman of long beach

I have been pretty darn lucky considering how many big dogs I jumped in the middle of when they were fighting since I moved here to Dallas Texas 16 months ago.  Every time I write a rescue story I think it will be a long time before I have another rescue but I rarely make it a month. I have written stories about the German Shepherd that lives next door. I have saved his life a few times when he wrapped his cable around things and was getting choked. I jumped in the middle of him and a Rottweiler bigger than him that attacked him. I have been like a kindergarden teacher with him and the kittens living on my property with their mommies with him always chasing them. And today a Pitbull showed up that had broke loose dragging about a 20 foot very tangled thin cable. The irresponsible owners of the German Shepherd lets him run loose about 75 % of the time and he spends most of his time over here with my dogs. Well he kind of considers my yard his turf and when the Pitbull showed up he attacked it. I ran out immediately and got in the middle of them and broke it up. I do not think the German Shepherd would bite me but I did not know this Pitbull but I am convinced he knew I was there to help him. So I got the tangled cable off him and fed him and he was starved. Shortly after that a guy showed up that owned him and I think he thought somebody went into his yard and took him. He was not very friendly so I did not explain anything to the jerk. He said something stupid to me like you mean my dog just came over here ( I was laughing inside when I said they all do )  and that is no under statement. If anyone needs help with or advice about a injured pigeon contact me - Birdman of long beach -   ---  214 - 2721545 ---  if anyone wants to donate to help with my rescue work you can use my e-mail address through Paypal.

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