IN MEMORY - Angel Baby Crossed Rainbow Bridge

Published on: November 8th, 2014


My precious Angel Baby was with me all my years of rescuing injured pigeons as the Birdman of Long Beach and I know he was at least 11 years old. He was such a beautiful Tuxedo cat and I cherish him for choosing me to spend his life with. He started losing weight and I thought it was a sign of his old age because he acted healthy and ate good. Laura Simpson founder of the Harmony Fund is such a wonderful woman and helped me get him to the animal hospital. They put him on steroids thinking he had a immune system problem but he died peacefully Thursday evening. He was with Amy Justice in Fort Worth Texas the night he passed away. Amy put him on the speaker phone with me and he got so excited when he heard my voice that he took the little energy he had left and talked to me very loud and he never did that before. Only God knows what he was saying but I think he was telling me he loved me and that everything was going to be okay. I have had Degenerative Joint and Disk Disease of my Spine, Pinched Nerves and Multiple Compressions since 2005. Angel Baby knew I had medical problems and he walked on my chest a couple times every night. He would do very serious healing ceremonies and would lay his body down to mine and just quiver. I miss you so much my little buddy but believe we will be together again one day. God Bless you Angel Baby. Daddy and all your brothers and sisters will love you through eternity my special little boy.

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