Cat Sneaking Up On A Dove

Published on: November 2nd, 2014

I  turned  67  yrs. old today in style with the best birthday present I could have ever had  by  making a rescue.  I can't say 100 % the cat would have caught the Dove. But when I stopped the attack the cat was extremely close. I hate to see any animal hurt but it was pretty awesome watching the cat first spot the bird and watch his whole routine creeping up quietly. Of course it would have broke my heart if I had waited to long to stop the attack and he caught the bird.  At my apartment in Long Beach  I took pigeons on the back side of the building and threw them up real high when they were well enough to be released. I also had cats on the property that I had been feeding for years. Well I threw a pigeon up and he decided to fly back down and land on the metal steps going up. Within about three seconds one of my outside cats was running with him in his mouth ( I ALMOST DIED )  I chased him as he leaped up on a wall and slapped his butt and he dropped the pigeon and the pigeon was okay. My nerves stay on edge living here. There is mommy cats with kittens I feed, loose dogs that hang in my yard that I feed and hundreds of flocks a day of birds come here for seed. It's enough to drive a person to drink keeping the dogs from hurting the cats and keeping the cats from hurting the birds. If anyone needs help with or advice about a injured pigeon please contact me - Birdman of long beach --- ---   214 - 2721545  and use my e-mail address on Paypal if anyone would like to make a donation for food for all the animals I am feeding daily. Just for the birds alone I put out about 200 lbs. a month and I only get a small disability pension. 

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