Ungrateful 4 ft. Snake in my bedroom bit me

Published on: September 14th, 2014

First of all I want to thank Romeo who is a real Hero for rescuing Sweet Pea the Sewer Dog and saving her life. Having a pitbull myself for years named Babygirl proved to me how loving and loyal pitbulls are. Yesterday I was getting a piece of carpet out of the bedroom closet for the porch that was about 12 feet long and about 5 feet wide. When I moved it there was a Snake sitting on the floor about 4 feet long. Looking at Snakes on the Internet I think it was a Rat Snake. Anyway I caught hundreds of Snakes with my brother as a kid. So I thought I could grab the back his neck and carry him outside to turn him loose ( wrong ) and I found out that I was about 50 years out of practice catching Snakes and the stinker bit me. The good news was he was not poisonous and my hand is sore but it did not swell up. It seemed pretty strange that living in Dallas Tx. for 14 months and the first Snake I see was in my bedroom. Anyway I went to Plan-B and rescued him without getting bit a second time ( This is a under statement )  The life of a rescuer sure has it's memorable moments. If anyone has a injured pigeon or needs advice please contact me as I rescued and doctored over 4,000 pigeons in ten years - Birdman of long beach - animalrescuer131@yahoo.com - 214 - 2721545 my home phone with voicemail.

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