Harmony Fund's Mascot "Harmony" has 8 Lives L

Published on: September 7th, 2014

On August 27th. I wrote about saving a kitten from the German Shepherd that lives next door. Since then I saved three the kittens lives three more times from the German Shepherd. One time the Shepherd was getting ready to bite into one of the kittens as it was squezzing through the fence. I keep using a water bottle on him and chase him out of the yard. I think he is beginning to realize I do not want him to hurt the kittens and for now he seems to be ignoring them. He does not get any love or affection or attention at home and I am his only real friend and I think he does not want me to be upset with him. Today I had one of the strangest rescues that I ever had. I think if I had been gone for a hour Harmony my precious cat who I named in honor of Laura Simpson founder the Harmony Fund would not be alive. I had a really thin plastic soda cup 22 ounces from a Shell Gas Station standing up in the sink. Harmony pushed her head way down in it really getting her head stuck in it and cutting off her breathing. Actually if I would not have seen it seconds after it happened she might have died in minutes. I can't even put into words how much it scared me to think how close I came to losing her. I have seen video's with animals getting things stuck on their head but you never expect it to happen to you. If anyone has a injured pigeon or needs advice please contact me - Birdman of long beach - animalrescuer131@yahoo.com - 214 - 2721545

Will You Help Rescue Others? You'll LOVE Our Work! Before: scheduled for euthanasia at the pound. After: His new family has a huge backyard!