German Shepherd attacking a kitten 8 weeks old

Published on: August 27th, 2014

When I go over a week without a rescue I start to feel like a failure. I guess that is because with each rescue I have it gives me so much joy. About 6 weeks ago I rescued a kitten from under my neighbors trailer to the left of me. The kitten was about two weeks old and Amy Justice who helped me trap a bunch of cats in my area for TNR took it to hand feed. Well the mommy of that kitten and three other kittens started camping out about 25 feet away from my door under the other neighbors mobile home. They can watch for me there and I have been feeding them daily and even petted one of them two nights ago for the first time. Well there is a German Shepherd next door that I rescued and saved his life a few times getting choked. Well he broke his chain loose today and was over at my home eating. I went inside for a few minutes and when I came out for some reason he had one of the kittens corned at the fence and it looked like he was trying to bite it. So I jumped in front of him and pushed him away and yelled at him and the kitten went running for cover. He seen the kittens in the yard quite a few times and I have no idea why he got aggressive today. I am just so glad I was at the right place at the right time and I was able to save the kitten. It's a tough situation because I love the German Shepherd to but then again I love all the animals around here.

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