Update on Little Katie and Rottweiler puppy Honey

Published on: July 11th, 2014

My last rescue story I wrote about rescuing a 2 week old kitten under the Mobile Home next to me that I named little Katie. I called my friend Kate Karp who is a Columnist for the Long Beach Petpost for advice on the kitten and thats why I named it little Katie. Well two days ago I found out from Amy Justice who works for - BigfixforbigD - a  group that traps cats for  TNR  and helped me trap a few of the cats in the abandoned building close to where I live that Little Katie is a boy. She had Little Katie with her when she stopped by because she has to give him the special milk every day and Little Katie looked so good and so healthy. Amy also told me that the Siamese kitten that I rescued was a girl and she is about 3 months old. The Siamese is the most spoiled little daddy's girl you ever seen and would lay on my chest all day long if I let her. Today was the first day I let her run loose and she was a perfect little Angel and she was no trouble at all. The Rottweiler puppy that I rescued from my irresponsible neighbor that turned her loose 24/7 for weeks before I took her in out of a rain storm one night and kept her. I rescued her about June 3rd. and named her Honey. I got her fixed, Rabies and Distemper shot andMicro chipped with Laura Simpson Founder of the Harmony Funds kind help. Then this past week a lady named Jane Mckown that I met and made friends with her and her wonderful husband Mark. Jane does some work at the SPCA and was able to put Honey up for adoption. And within about 24 hours Honey was adopted into a wonderful family and I am so happy and excited for her to have a forever home. The mommy and the other kittens that were aparently moved when I rescued the two week old kitten are coming back to the Mobile Home next to me and I am putting food and water there every day for them and hope to trap them all when the kittens are old enough. I think Amy Justice told me the kittens have to be at least  6 - 8 weeks old and at least  2 lbs. before they can get fixed so I am just taking it slow with them and trying to keep them around close by until it's the right time to trap them for TNR. I actually seen two full grown orange cats going under the Mobile home next door tonight to eat. So I have hopes that when I start trapping I can trap the mommy and the daddy and the kittens to get fixed. Yesterday was my one year anniversary of moving to Dallas and it was quite a interesting year of rescues for me. I guess God did not intend for me having a lot of peace when I came to Texas so I guess his reason for having me here was to help his animals that were suffering. As long as my health holds up though I will help as many as I can. If anyone has a injured pigeon or just needs advice contact me - animalrescuer131@yahoo.com - 214 - 2721545 - known as the Birdman of long beach - and if anyone wants to make a donation to help with my rescue work you can do so by using my e-mail address for Paypal. 

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