Little Katie baby kitten, 6 Cats & Rottie Puppy

Published on: June 24th, 2014

Every time I write a rescue story I think my life will get boring for awhile. But for some reason it never seems to work out that way for me because I never make it a month. My first 30 seconds of my feet touching Dallas Texas Soil - July 9, 2013 - I was handed a little orange kitten I instantly named Harmony in honor of Laura Simpson Founder of the Harmony Fund. About a month after moving here I found out Harmonies mommy and brothers & sisters were living on a abandoned property really close to us. So I started feeding them about 35 ounces of Kit Kaboodle cat food every night and I put about a quart of water there every night for them. I had always planned one day to trap the cats for TNR.  Finally I was able to team up with a incredible woman named Amy Justice that is with a TNR group called - BigFixForbigD - and she came over last thursday with traps and we trapped four cats including Harmonies mommy that I desperately wanted to trap so the poor baby would not have to have any more litters in this blistering heat. After Amy left I continued trapping a couple more hours and trapped two more cats making it six cats to get fixed. I rescued a female Rottweiler Puppy about three weeks ago and desperately want to find her a forever home. But I do not want her kept as a outside dog in the horrible Texas Heat. Anyway Amy had to come back Friday morning to pick the cats up to get fixed. So I had this idea if I offered her some extra money would she take the puppy along to also get fixed. She could get away with it without a appointment because she gives Spay & Neuter Network in Crandall Texas a lot of business. Well she went along with the deal and Honey the puppy was fixed. She also had her shots and was micro chipped and is running around with the crazy cone on her head and  I want to find her a great forever home. Then Saturday evening my neighbor took me to listen to a baby kitten crying under his mobile home. So we were able to rescue her and she was a little orange kitten about 6 inches long and approx. 2 weeks old. So I fed her the best I could and Amy picked her up Sunday and I named her little Katie in honor of my friend Kate Karp the Columnist for the Long Beach Pet Post section of the Long Beach Post. I called Kate for advice after rescuing her because I do not know much about the care of kittens that young and Kate has raised cats for many years. Laura Simpson is helping with getting the animals fixed and she is such a wonderful person and anyone that can afford it should donate to the Harmony Fund. I kept five of Amy's traps after releasing six cats back Saturday. So in about a hour I am going back over to where the cats are and try and trap some more cats and I will every night until we get all of them trapped. My E-Mail address is - - 214 - 2721545 if anyone is interested in giving the Rottweiler Puppy a home. Also everyone knows me as the - Birdman of long beach - for ten years in California and if you have a injured pigeon or need advice contact me. If anyone wants to make a donation to my paypal to help with my rescue work you can use my e-mail address to Paypal.

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