Care2 - Laura's Article - Helping Homeless w/ Pet

Published on: May 14th, 2014

I think the particular bunch of homeless people that Laura ran into were professionals at panhandling for money for their drug addiction most likely. But us rescuers are always a sucker when it comes to a hungry animal and we almost always attempt to help when we see a animal that may be hungry. I was homeless my first year and a half while doing my pigeon rescue work in 2005 and I seen a lot. I seen hundreds of homeless people bumming money in McDonalds saying they were hungry. And as soon as they got a little money out the front door they would go. A Gypsy woman and her sister would go from one establishment after another dragging kids with them saying the family was hungry because of there drug addiction. There was a death mute drug addict on heroin that probably hit 50 - 100 restaurants a day handing out the card at tables asking for money and the cards said he was a death mute. I can't imagine how many hundred 's of dollars he scammed people out of daily. I am not saying don't help a homeless person but I am also very aware of how many homeless people are scammers. So if it makes us feel good about ourselves when we help someone we just can't worry about it because we know in our hearts we tried to do the right thing. Actually in most big cities the least of the problem homeless people have is eating. Most cities have quite a few places for the homeless to eat a few times a day. A friend told me once if you timed it right in Orlando Florida you could eat breatfast three or four times every morning because there was so many places to choose from at different times. When I was homeless I still went to this thrift shop where I could get Blankets, Backpacks, Hooded Sweats, Jackets, Gloves etc. for about a dollar each on Tuesdays half price day . I would go there every week and buy stuff for other homeless people. I honestly could not afford it but I am nortorious for not worrying enough and it did my heart good. I was gifted for being very resourceful and I used that gift my entire life to help thousands of people with materialistic stuff I was able to buy at a steal. So often when you do something nice and thoughtful for someone it is not appreciated very much. It took a lot of years of giving to realize it is the reward we get in our own hearts for doing something decent that is our reward. One day not long ago before I left Long Beach Ca. A few blocks from my apartment was Friends Church and homeless people went there to eat and a few homeless people slept on the sidewalk. I was walking my Pitbull Babygirl and my little dog Angel and a woman was laying next to the church on the sidewalk covered up. It was pretty chilly and her feet were stuck out bare footed. So we went to the next bus stop and I took the new pair of socks off I had just bought and figured I would just lay them next to her for when she woke up. Well she lifted her head as I went to lay the socks down so I handed them to her. It happened to be a woman mentally challenged I had seen for years and when I handed her the socks the look on her face was just like someone had just won a new car on the Price Is Right Show. The smile she gave me without saying a word was worth a million bucks. I had a homeless friend that I loved dearly like a brother Paul DeWitt. He was such a cool guy and was even a DJ for Howard Sterns once but he was a hopeless drunk on Vodka and refused to let anyone help him turn his life around. A news anchor that was his girlfriend broke up with him and from that day on he went on a suicide mission and gave up on life. I seen him one night at McDonalds and knew if I gave him money he would use it to drink. So I bought him a pre-paid food credit card from McDonalds with hopes he would use it for food. It was my way of saying to him I love you buddy. Two days after giving him the card they found him dead in the water at Shoreline Village. I assume he might have tripped and fell in the water when he had to much to drink. It was a good feeling knowing I might have contributed to him having a hot meal or two before his fatal accident. My other good friend Joe that was like a brother to me and had a service dog named Lucky that loved me almost as much as he loved Joe and Joe was so jelous. Joe was missing half a leg from Vietnam and was in a wheelchair and homeless. Well he smoked to much weed and was run over one night and killed in his wheelchair by a hit and run driver. My friend Laura Simpson ask us to share our stories so I thought I would write one that had to do with her great article in Care2 - May 12 ,2014 on helping homeless people with pets. If anyone needs help with a injured pigeon contact me - Birdman of long beach -  -  214 - 2721545 -  Home phone with voicemail. 

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