In Memory of a " Really Loved Rescue Dog

Published on: May 10th, 2014

In the past few months I have written a few rescue stories because of my neighbors neglecting their dogs. I have rescued two dogs a number of times from the spanish lady to the right of my mobile home. I decided to write this story because I am so torn apart today and maybe it will help calm me down. The two dogs I rescued a number of times of hers is a German Shepherd and a smaller dog I am crazy about. I gave the woman a big wire dog kennel awhile back and even put it in her living room in hopes she would allow the smaller dog to come in out of the heat and cold. But for weeks now the woman has turned the little dog loose 24/7  not allowing her in the home and I have basically taken care of her every single day. Today when I went out this morning exactly where the spanish woman parks her car the dog was laying there dead. It was raining hard last night and I am sure the dog was under her car trying to stay out of the rain and when she left to go to work this morning she ran her over. I cried over her so much today and loved her dearly. I know hind sight sucks but I wish I had done more to protect her. It's just that I already rescued two other dogs months ago from the same woman that was letting them run loose 24/7 so that gave me 4 dogs and 5 cats in my mobile home already plus two pigeons. I just had 3 dogs and a cat fixed last tuesday and the dogs are running around in here banging the walls with the cones on their heads. I know in my heart I did so much for that little dog but I still wish I had done more. After I came back tonight from walking my dogs there was a message on my voicemail from the spanish woman next door. She was rambling on and on that she knew someone poisoned her dog and she hopes God punishes whoever did it severely. She wants to blame the world for her lack of responsibility and neglect and for being such a evil person. She will never hold herself accountable or admit to running over her dog. But I think she was right about one thing and that is that God will hold whoever hurt that beautiful little dog of hers responsible. Rest in peace my beautiful sweet little Angel. You will never have to be abused and neglected again at the hands of such a evil person. We will always love you and we will never forget you.  

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