Birdman of Long.Beach rescues Shepherd 5th. time

Published on: March 27th, 2014

Since I moved to Dallas July 9th. 2013  I have been looking out for all the neglected and abused dogs in my area plus a few cats. There already has been so many dog rescues that I feel like I could almost write a book already. I have rescued and doctored thousands of birds the last ten years in California  and I have also rescued quite a few cats and dogs. But I have never lived in a area like this with so many neglected dogs and irresponsible owners. My neighbor to the right of me I rescue her dogs almost every week due to her neglect. She is a spanish woman and will not listen for one second when I try to tell her she is doing things that will harm her dogs. I don't know if she just does not care or if she is just that stupid. Three days a week she works from 6 a.m. until 1 a.m. Instead of putting her German Shepherd on the nice 20 foot cable I put in her yard she ties the dog to the porch next to the cable. Yesterday I went over at noon to check on her two dogs while she was at work. The German Shepherd had wrapped its rope around and around a post on the porch almost choking him. That was at noon and she would not have come home for another 13 hours leaving him being tortured and without food and water. Her little dog was tied on the porch and she could get to some water but she did not have any food. I just don't get it and this woman is driving me crazy. I am afraid if I give her to hard of a time she will stop me from even helping them so this is such a mess. I guess all I can do is just look after them the best I can especially when she is not around.

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