German Shepherd and Puppy rescued for 4th. time

Published on: March 15th, 2014

I wrote a rescue story on 3/9/2014 about the German Shepherd and a puppy next door to me that I rescued. I have rescued her two dogs four times now and three times within seven days. Why in the world do people have pets when they are not responsible enough to care for them. A day after I rescued her dogs on - 3/9/2014 - I went over to check on the dogs and the German Shepherd had squeezed by the couch again and jumped off the back of the porch again standing there on the ground being choked and he could not go anywhere or even sit down because his cable around his neck was so tight. The puppy was in her yard and the blood hound from the home next to her got loose and he tried attacking the small dog twice before and I took her over to my mobile home to keep her from getting attacked and maybe killed. So that was two days in a row that I rescued her dogs on the 9th. & 10th.  Today is the 15th. and I went over and checked on her dogs because three days a week my spanish neighbor  leaves at 6 a.m. and comes back at 1 a.m.  Sure enough even though I squeezed a 5 gal. bucket between the couch where the Shepherd was getting through to jump off the porch. The Shepherd squeezed through a opening by the outdoor grill next to the couch and jumped off the porch once again for the 3rd. time  being choked. It was 11 a.m. when I rescued him today and it would have been 14 more hours before she would have even been back home and it's possible he could have choked to death in that amount of time plus it is raining today. I think I fixed the opening where he can't get through any more to jump off the porch. He has a 20 foot cable I put in her yard for him to run freely and she does not even use it and puts him on about a  4 ft. cable on the porch. I think it is just laziness and quicker for her to hook him on the cable on the porch rather than her putting him in the yard where he could enjoy the freedom to run all day. Then to top it off today because of her stupid neglect she puts the puppy on a short cable outside her door for 19 hours leaving her no food or water at all. There was food and water on the porch for the German Shepherd to reach. But the puppies cable was about two foot short of reaching the food and water bowls  ( unbelievable ) My 10 years of rescuing pigeons in Long Beach Ca. ( Birdman of long beach )  I did feel like their Guardian Angel after rescuing and doctoring over 4,000 injured pigeons. And now I can honestly say besides of all the other dogs in my area that I feed and care for daily. I truly do believe I was destined to be these two dogs Guardian Angel. Actually thinking about it I rescued her German Shepherd being choked with his cable on broken chairs in the yard. I rescued him from being attacked by a Rottweiler. And I rescued him three times being choked from jumping off his porch so it has been 5 times I rescued him already and four times for the puppy. If anyone has a injured pigeon or needs information please contact me -  - 214 - 2721545 - And if anyone cares to make a donation to help with my rescue work you can do so by using my e-mail address on Paypal.

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