Dog's rescued being choked with there cable

Published on: March 9th, 2014

Gosh, I just don't get it. Since moving to Dallas Texas July 9,2013. I have rescued a number of dogs being choked with there cables. The reason I am writing this story tonight is because it will help me to vent. The spanish lady next door to me I rescued her German Shepherd awhile back that had its cable all wrapped around broken chairs in her yard and was being choked. If I had not released him he could have died. Then a few weeks later a Rottweiler attacked her German Shepherd in her yard and I broke it up and may have saved her dog's life again. Then two nights ago she tied her smaller dog on the porch on a cable about 4 feet long and the dog wrapped the cable round and round a table leg until she was being choked when I found her and she could have died. Then about two hours ago I went over to check on her German Shepherd tied on her porch on a cable about 5 feet long and the dog was not on the porch. He squeezed by the couch and jumped off the back side of the porch. He was still tied and he probably jumped off to go to the bathroom and he was being choked and he was almost standing on his tip toes to be able to breath. He could have died if I had not gone over there to check on him because she would not be home until around 1 a.m. So that is four times I saved her dogs since moving here. I tried explaining to her that tying them any where that they could wrap there cable around things is endangering there life. She just started talking stupid about people in other countries being hungry and dogs are smart, and God will protect them and other brain dead remarks. I put one of those stakes in her yard and I also hooked a 20 feet cable to it. I cleaned under her porch so the German Shepherd would have a place to run safe in the yard and he also could scoot under the porch if it rained or to get out of the sun. So she puts the German Shepherd on a 5 feet cable on the porch for over 16 hours instead of even letting him use that nice long cable in the yard that I put together for her. So I got really peaved and said to her you don't even care do you. Anyone reading this will not believe what her remark to me was ( the guy that saved her dogs lives repeatedly ) She says she should not have put so much trust in me and has not said a word to me in two days. Trust me I could easily live without her being a friend but her dogs desperately need me watching over them with her being so irresponsible and heartless. I feel like screaming trying to deal with people like this living all around me here. I was thinking maybe God sent me here to Dallas Texas to punish me for something really bad I did in my life ( just kidding ) I THINK - Ha Ha Ha - and I forgot to mention I took two dogs off her hands and gave them a permanent home a few months ago " like I needed two more dogs " because she was leaving them outside to run loose  24/7  and I worried so much about them and one is a Chihuahua. Well I vented a little and I think I feel better. But please anyone reading this. When you put a dog outside on a Chain or Cable please make sure once the dog is hooked to it that there is no place he can wrap that cable or chain around anything. Because every time he wraps it around anything it cuts that much more air off of his breathing. If anyone needs help with a injured pigeon please contact me - - 214 - 2721545 - Birdman of long beach - If anyone cares to make a donation to help with my rescue work you can do so by using my e-mail address on Paypal.

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