Pigeon wedged behind billboard at Bank of America

Published on: February 11th, 2014

Pigeon stuck behind billboard

At the Bank of America on Anaheim & Cherry in Long Beach Ca. I went there regurally to look for pigeons with broken legs and wings. There is a ledge under a small billboard in there parking lot that is about 14 inches high and pigeons with broken legs and wings would stand on that ledge feeling helpless. There also is a parking lot behind a liquor store about a hundred yards away where pigeons would stand in the corner when they could not fly. One day I was on the bus across from the liquor store with binoculars and looked into the parking lot and there were two pigeons standing in the corner. I jumped off the bus right away and went over and rescued them. One day when I went up there to check the two locations for injured pigeons. I noticed a pigeon had fallen down behind the billboard and was wedged in there. I think the chance of him being alive was about a billion to one and then I seen him move and I could not believe my eyes. I went over to the liquor store parking lot looking for something to try to pry the billboard out a little to free the trapped pigeon. It was like my Guardian Angel was looking over this little guy and placed a  2 x 4  there on the ground for me that worked just perfect. The billboard was lower and about half the size of the bigger ones. I know rescuing that pigeon when I did beat the odds of the Mega lottery a thousand times over and what a lucky guy he was. When he dropped down when I pryed the billboard out he flew on top of a pole and he must have felt like King Kong. What a great day that was for everyone and I hope he lived a long and happy life. If anyone needs help with a injured pigeon or just needs advice please contact me. I have rescued and doctored around 4,000 pigeons needing help off the street.  - animalrescuer131@yahoo.com - 214 - 2721545  - Birdman of long beach

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