German Shepherd rescued from getting choked

Published on: January 27th, 2014

My Cat Angel Baby

I am sorry about posting so many recent rescue stories. But Laura Simpsons great website is for rescue stories and for some reason people are not posting there rescue stories lately. I am one of Laura Simpsons biggest supporters and fans because of all the wonderful help the Harmony Fund gives to so many animals around the world. I found myself in a really awkward situation since I moved to Dallas July 9, 2013 where I am doing rescues almost weekly it seems. Last night I called my neighbor next door because I have been giving her little dog medicine and found out she had gone to her daughters for the night about a hour away. I told her I would check on her German Shepherd. She also left for the night leaving a very short haired Chihuahua out in the freezing cold all night. I put a cushion slanted on a couch on the porch where the dog could squeeze behind it to get warm. Anyway about 10 P.M.  I went over with food & water and the poor German Shepherd had its cable all wrapped around him  in a knot around a broken chair choking him. I just don't understand how people can be so careless and stupid. If I had not gone over there last night he would have been tortured by that tight cable choking him for at least  12 hours before she came back home today and its possible the dog could have choked to death. I am going to end this with a cute little story. When I first arrived to Dallas I was not out of the van 20 seconds and I was handed a orange kitten that I instantly named Harmony in honor of Laura Simpson my friend. It was probably the fastest rescue in Texas history of a new resident. After about 8 weeks here I found out Harmonies mommy and sister were living in a abondoned building that is like a little farm not far from my Mobile home. So I started feeding them there ever since in a room that they can get into under the door but I have never fed them at my trailer. Well although I leave them a big contairer of food and water there food ran out without me realizing it. I am thinking maybe a racoon or two might be helping them with the food since it was gone so fast. Well a couple days ago when that happened I found the mommy and  kitten sitting under my steps waiting for me ( so cute that they actually knew where I lived ) With all my years of rescue work I don't know why that surprised me so much but it was really precious them sitting there with there pleading little eyes just starring at me ( ha ha ha )  If anyone finds a injured pigeon please contact me - - 214 - 2721545

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