Dog being strangled under careless owners pick up

Published on: January 21st, 2014

Rescued by the Birdman of long beach

Gosh, I am really wondering where all the rescue stories are lately. Well Laura it looks like I am your  #  1  supporter lately - SMILE - and I do that feeling so honored to have you as a friend. I am not sure if the photo is to large in size that I used in this story. I used a photo of a pigeon with its feet tied together that was one of the thousands of pigeons I rescued since 2005.  I do not have a photo of the dogs life that I saved about a hour ago. I am furious at my irresponsible brain dead neighbors and how poorly they take care of the animals in there care. I feed most of there dogs daily, go in there yards at times and clean up around 25 piles of poop just so the dogs I love in the neighborhood do not have to walk in it over and over. I go in there yards to rescue dogs in danerous life threatening situations because of there carelessness, stupidity and neglect. The saddest part is if I kicked every one of there butts it would not make any of them treat the animals better. I can tell writing this I am angry right now. Across from where I live I rescued a Dalmation mix about 8 weeks ago or so that was trapped under a pick up because the rope she was tied to was wrapped around everything and a very big dog was attacking her and probably would have killed her if I had not jumped in and she was pregnant. Sadly the Dalmation is very pregnant again and the idiots let her get pregnant over and over. There is a very energetic loving brown dog that also lives there about the size of my pitbull Babygirl that comes over here everyday and wrestles with Babygirl. For some reason the owner tied him up today and left him in a dangerous situation and him and his wife went to work. I heard crying coming from the yard a few times so I went over there to investigate. He was wrapped around things between two different pick ups and he was so trapped underneath and the rope was choking him so bad I doubt he would have been alive when they got home. I do intend to go over and raise hell later and hope I can get through to the morons. What is even worse the mobile home next to them is gone and there is a whole field they could tie him to and give him 25 feet in every direction to run freely and safely. I am beginning to think God brought me to the terrible heat in Dallas to protect so many of the animals in my area that need a Guardian Angel. I truly do feel like one with all the animals I have saved here since July 9, 2013. But the thing God did not have in his plans for me was giving me a nice quiet peaceful life ( ha ha ha )  One thing for sure all this rescue work leaves me little time to get depressed over the many things I could get depressed over very easily. If anyone finds a injured pigeon please contact me - - 214 - 2721545 - and if anyone would like to make a donation to help with my rescue work you can use my  e-mail address on Paypal.

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