Birdman of Dallas Texas rescues two Puppies

Published on: November 27th, 2013

The reason for this story is that I would hope somebody reading it might have the heart to do the same thing that I am doing. My Mom in Cleveland Ohio told me a couple years ago about a neighbor behind her house that left a dog out in the freezing sub zero weather for months and no one helped it. Every time I think about that poor dog I would still like to go there and kick someones butt for treating that poor dog like that so I guess I am not very forgiving. I do not even understand how anyone would have the guts to tell anyone about a animal needing help and that they simply turned there back and did nothing. These two puppies that I am rescuing on a nightly basis here. The spanish lady that lives next to me they are her dogs technically. But I am the one that feeds them and gives them water during the day. She leaves them to run loose  24/7  and it has been breaking my heart considering the weather is getting really cold now here in Dallas Tx. It was 31  degrees two days ago and it was raining and the dogs were freezing and no one seemed to care except me. So the smaller of the bedrooms that I am not using I took everything out of the room that a dog could chew up and decided to bring the dogs in every night around 6 p.m. and get them out of the freezing cold weather. I already have Bruno and the other puppy in the bedroom for the second night now and they seem to be very happy and content. How could anyone leave a puppy out all night long every night with 1/2 inch of fur in freezing weather is beyond me. If anyone around the Dallas Texas area finds a injured pigeon please contact me -  -  214 - 2721545  - If anyone would care to make a donation to help with my rescue work you can use my  e-mail  address through Paypal.

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