Birdman of Long Beach rescues 6 big dogs

Published on: November 23rd, 2013

My Guardian Angel was protecting me yesterday without a doubt. I have done a lot of rescue work through the years but yesterday was truly a day that I will never forget. I will remember it mostly because I did not get injured rescuing three different sets of really big dogs fighting and a couple were bigger than Rottweilers. I believe all the fights yesterday were over sex and so many dogs in my area are running around loose and are not fixed. The first fight was in my front yard yesterday with my pitbull friend Bear from the yard next to me that I rescued 10 times already getting choked on his cable. He broke his cable and got out of his yard and got into a fight in front of me with a dog almost twice his size. I am screaming and trying to break it up and finally grabbed his collar and jerked him away from the other dog. I got a little cut on my hand from one of the dogs teeth but it was nothing. I could not put him back in his yard with the cable broke. So I put him in one of my sheds with food and water until his family got home. I explained what happened and gave them about a 20 foot cable I was not using. His only injury was a bite on his ear that was not serious and peroxide would most likely take care of. Then about two hours after that incident I hear dogs going crazy across the street. A Dalmation mix that lives there was pregnant not long ago and was always over at my house eating and I am crazy about her. I could see out my window that dogs were fighting over there and I could not believe this was happening again. I grabbed a water bottle and a stick about 2 inches by 2 inches and about 4 foot long and ran over there. There were two big dogs fighting and one was a Rottweiler. I had to fake it and act crazier than them and started screaming at them and beating the stick all around them making as much noise as I could beating the stick on the ground. They finally seperated and I chased them off. Then another really big dog was getting under the truck in the yard trying to hurt my Dalmation friend. She had her cable all wrapped around a wood chair and was stuck under the truck helpless. I repeated the same crazy behavior acting crazier than the dog beating the stick on the ground and yelling and poking him until he retreated from under the truck and I chased him down the street. Then I got the Dalmation untangled from the chair and gave her a big hug. My first thought was when it was all over and I chased all these really big dogs off. I thought ( WOW )  this must have been how the guy felt in the movie Walking Tall ( Ha Ha Ha )  What a day and truthfully I am to old for this stuff but I slept extremely well. If anyone needs information on helping a injured pigeon you can contact me at -  - if anyone around the Dallas Texas area has a injured pigeon needing help please contact me. My home phone with voicemail is - 214 - 2721545   If anyone wishes to donate to help with my rescue work you can use my  e-mail  address through Paypal.

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