Dallas Texas Pigeon Rescue

Published on: September 12th, 2013

Birdman of Dallas Texas:   Everyone knows me as the - Birdman of long beach - as I have rescued and doctored over 3,000 pigeons off the street needing help in Long Beach Ca. since 2005. I am now living in Dallas Texas and actually my first eight weeks here I have rescued abused dogs and a Calico kitten I named Harmony in honor of Laura Simpson - Founder of the Harmony Fund. Laura Simpson is helping so many abused animals all over the world. Please consider making a donation to the Harmony Fund. I have had about a half dozen calls on pigeons but people do not want to drive this far to drop them off to me. So I am working on finding someone that will help transport injured pigeons to me. A few weeks ago I wrote a story about a white pitbull mix dog I rescued three times already from very neglectful neighbors living next to me. For a few weeks they stopped chaining the dog up after I started raising hell and he spent more time at my home than theres. I feed all the neighborhood dogs about 3 or 4 times a day and try to put ice in the big cast iron skillet under my steps throughout the day. There is a pregnant dog that is part Dalmation and I honestly do not know if she has a home. So I have a empty shed I propped one door open and put food, water and blankets and coaxed her inside there last night with can food. I wanted her to know the spot is available to her to have her babies if she chooses to. The pitbull mix next door the creeps started chaining him back up a few days ago and it breaks my heart because he became my pitbull Babygirl's boyfriend. He is bigger and younger than her and wrestles ever so gently with her not to hurt her ( he is awesome ) I am torn trying to decide the best way to handle this abuse situation. He is on a four foot cable right now with no water or food in the sun. He cries during the night waking me up many times the poor baby. Only God knows what I would like to do to the creeps treating him this way with no feelings for his well being what so ever. I went over twice and knocked on the door today and received no answer. I think since I originally went over there twice raising hell that she stopped answering the door when she see's it is me. The husband seen the dog had no food and water when he left for work this morning and it's about a hundred degrees I think or the high 90's. So I took water and food over to him and I guess you could say I rescued him four times now as the heat could have killed him without the water. I wanted to report them to animal control. But I was afraid animal control would come and get no one to answer the door and take the dog with them and it's a kill shelter. So I decided to put a letter in there mailbox telling them that they are abusing this dog. And rather than me report them offered them $100.00 for the dog to get him out of that abusive situation. I feel like my options here are few and my back is against the wall. I will go over there later after the husband gets home and he has time to read my note and see what he says. If anyone finds a injured pigeon around the Dallas Texas area please contact me. If you find a pigeon with tied toes no matter how horrible of a condition his feet are in thats my speciality. I can have them almost completely healed in seven days no matter how bad the pigeons feet are injured - 214 - 2721545 - A message can be left on my voicemail -  animalrescuer131@yahoo.com   - if anyone wants to make a rescue donation - you can use my e-mail address on Paypal.

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