Birdman of L.B. - Texas Rescues -1st. 13 days

Published on: July 21st, 2013

When I left for Texas on July 8th. 2013 - The only reason I was even able to move to Dallas was because Laura Simpson - Founder of the Harmony Fund did a fundraiser to help us get the money for the move. I promised Laura that as a rescuer I would make her proud. Well I think I broke a Texas record for being a new resident in a State and having my first rescue around 30 seconds after my feet hit Dallas Texas soil and that 30 seconds was not a ezageration either. When we pulled up to my new Mobile Home my son Stephen, his girlfriend Debbie, My grandson Ethan and Debbies son Phoenix were outside waiting for us. As soon as I stepped out of the Van before I could introduce myself or hug my son or grandson Debbie hands me a Calico Kitten about 6 months old. I immediately named her Harmony before ever taking her into her new forever home in honor of Laura Simpson Founder of the Harmony Fund. It was a small start in a new state but I kept my word to Laura and now the Harmony Fund has a very cute little mascot named Harmony - SMILE - and she is a handful and happy and loved. Her and Marley were in love instantly. She goes from one cat to the other loving on them and starting fights with them - you know kitty brat style  ( ha ha ha ) now today I rescued a German Shepherd mix dog that is in one of my bedrooms. He has been hanging around the Mobile Home next to mine but the spanish family living there told a man that helps the people out who run the office here that the dog was not theres. That is B/S but it was enough information for me to take him off there property in the back where he almost died from the heat. He had about a 20 foot cable all wrapped around a meter there almost choking him and he was crying out very loud in distress and no one in that Mobile Home would even come out and help him. He looked as if he was about ready to have a heat stroke so I said hell with it and went on there property and took him into my Mobile Home. I sure hate starting off having any problems with neighbors but I surely had to rescue this poor dog in such distress. I truely believe if I had not rescued him when I did he might have died in the hundred degree temperature today. I named him Lasater since that is the name of the road we live on and it is a cool German Shepherd name although I can't keep him forever. I also connected with  DFW  Wildlife today and they are passing my new phone number around for pigeon rescue so I am doing pretty good considering I still am not even completely unpacked yet. Thank you my friend Laura Simpson for helping us and believing in me. If anyone around the Dallas Texas area needs help with a injured pigeon my  e-mail address is - - and my new phone number is - 214 - 2721545 - if anyone cares to make a donation you can do it by using my e-mail address on Paypal.

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