Marley & Me " Unconditional Love of a Rescue Cat "

Published on: June 30th, 2013

I have written about Marley before and it is a incredible love story. I started feeding Marley at the church a block from my apartment 5 years ago. So many cats have come and gone but Marley was a true survivor. When we were coming down the street almost every night Marley would greet us and walk between my rescue Pitbull Babygirl and my little rescue dog Angel and walk all the way down the street with us. He would often act possessive and try to slap Babygirl trying to get her away from me out of jelousy. Everyone that seen us going down the street together like a family thought it was so adorable. Then one day Marley got very sick with respiratory problems and a terrible skin condition and looked terrible. I could not afford a vet and found out I could treat him with 10 percent Batril Antibiotics I use on my pigeon patients. So I gave him Batril from a syringe for 13 nights in a row and I shot it into his throat. It was a miracle and he made a hundred percent recovery and his skin condition cleared up. Then about 6 months later he came to my apartment door sicker than the first time and looked as if he was going to die. I took him in and treated him again for 14 days with Batril and saved his life again. Then he started staying here during the day and let me know when he wanted to go out and always came back. Then a true Angel " Laura Simpson "  founder of the Harmony Fund helped to get him fixed and four really bad teeth removed. Since then he completely turned his life over to me and has not went to the door for weeks wanting out once. He loves me so much and is so grateful for saving his life. That he sleeps on my chest every night and hugs and kisses my face all night long. But the cutest part is he gives me love bites on my chin and the tip of my nose all night long and that is as precious as it gets. And now he is moving to Texas with me in two weeks to live out the rest of his life with me.

Will You Help Rescue Others? You'll LOVE Our Work! Before: scheduled for euthanasia at the pound. After: His new family has a huge backyard!