9 lives of Marley & Birdman of long beach

Published on: March 23rd, 2013

I am a little behind on my bird rescues because of landlord problems. But that has not stopped me from helping my other animal friends when they need me. A block from where I live is one of the places I feed and take care of the cats in the evening at a church. Marley I have been taking care of for about three years. This past year Marley got very sick at the church with a bad respiratory problem and a terrible skin condition. I found out from the internet that the Batril Antibiotics I give the pigeons work well for Cats & Dogs also. So my friend Ruth Watson that does rabbit rescue found out from her doctor how much Batril I should give Marley daily. For 13 evenings I gave him Antibiotics in a 1cc syringe that I shot into his mouth under protest at the church. And in 13 days his respiratory condition and his skin condition was completely cleared up and it was truely a miracle because I did not have the money for vet bills. Well Marley did not forget that I made him well when he was sick the first time and he came to my apartment door very sick 14 days ago again. I immediately started him on Batril Antibiotics again. Put him in a big cage with a blanket to lay on and prayed he would get well. I fed him well and gave him a lot of needed rest and let the medicine work on him. I had high hopes that he would get better because he responded so well to this medicine the first time it saved his life. As of three days ago I never heard another cough out of him or anything that sounded respiratory and it appeared to me he made a complete recovery again. So I opened the door today and gave him the choice if he wanted to go back to the church and look for his girlfriend. He walked out and stood there a couple minutes and then walked toward the gate. I called to him giving him a last chance to change his mind but he kept on  trucking god bless him. I sure do love that little guy and he knows who to come to when he needs help and I still feed him everyday. Honey the Calico cat that I rescued on our property with the growth on his foot and he needed $800.00 surgery that Laura Simpson helped us with out of the Harmony Fund. He has a Anti-Immune disease where good cells attack good cells and needs steroids everyday. So thats how he became a permanent guest in my apartment. His way of thanking me every single night for saving him is sleeping on my chest ( the whole night long ) holding me prisoner you could say. He is heavy and I just don't have the heart to chase him off me because it would break his heart. So I wake up a little stiff ( but ) I honestly can say I have love in my life. And I always said if you kick love in the face then you do not deserve it so I do not turn any of it away even when it is a little uncomfortable at times. I cherish every ounce of love I get from all my pets and at this moment there is only two dogs and two cats sharing the couch with me - Ha Ha Ha - If anyone around the Long Beach Ca. area finds a injured pigeon please contact me - animalrescuer131@yahoo.com - I have rescued and doctored over 3,000 pigeons in 10 years. 

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