Lucky, Birdman of long beach " Kitten rescue's "

Published on: February 17th, 2013

About 11 months ago I was walking my American Stafferford Bull Terrier Pitbull Babygirl the love of my life and heard a kitten crying. We crossed the street on the corner following the cries and some guys working on a roof had this gorgeous kitten against the house in a milk crate. I ask them about it and the kitten was in the yard and they called Animal Control to pick it up. Well I was afraid if they picked it up it most likely would have been put down. So I took the kitten from the crate and the guy says what do I tell Animal Control and I just said tell them the Birdman took her. I named the kitten Lucky because her life was spared by me rescuing her. But it turned out Lucky was a girl I found out later but kept the name. Then a few months later a gorgeous kitten showed up on our property and was just staring at my door. So there was two kittens that I definitely did not need  in my home and you know how quickly we all fell in love with them ( darn it ) ha ha ha. So I named that one Sweety and later on I found out Sweety turned out to be a boy but kept the name. Then two or three months ago Lucky went into heat and I was keeping them seperated everyday ( little did I know they had sex before I realized Lucky was in heat ( the little stinkers sure pulled one over on me )  I was waiting for the heat to be over with so I could get Lucky fixed. Well about 10 p.m. tonight I was letting Lucky out of the bedroom and I was going to put Sweety in there for the night but I could not find Lucky. I got a flashlight and looked behind a flat screen T.V. in the closet and ( OMG ) there was Lucky breast feeding a baby kitten about 4 inches long and cute as could be and I did get to give it a kiss. The life of a rescuer sure has a lot of surprises and I am already in trouble with my landlord because of my pets. Well I would not trade Lucky and Sweetie's Angel Baby for a million dollars so I guess we will all be getting kicked out of here together ( but ) we sure do have a lot of love in our home. Im already thinking the new kitten should be named Angel Baby - SMILE - - if anyone needs help or advice with a injured pigeon please contact me. I just helped a woman save a pigeon that was attacked by a Hawk in Colorado a couple days ago until she got the pigeon to a vet the next day. And I also helped a man with a pigeon he rescued in India with PMV virus recently. Anyone that wants to make a donation to help with my bird rescue you can do so by using my e-mail address on PayPal.

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