We Did It! New Shelter Land Purchased in the Ukraine

We are very proud to announce that the Harmony Fund has purchased a new animal shelter for the DRYG (“Friend”) animal shelter in Ukraine. Thanks to our incredible supporters a $12,000 parcel of land is being secured and the dogs and cats will now have a permanent safe haven. This relocation was urgent after the landlord at the shelter’s present location decided to double the rent and various other elements of local instability gave rise to safety issues. The dogs and cats will now stay in a more rural area and have ample surrounding land for long walks with volunteers.

Many of the dogs and cats who arrive here are severely injured and have nowhere else to turn. The shelter tries to secure families abroad whenever possible and to provide complete veterinary care and comfort for the animals under its care. Without the Harmony Fund’s supporters, this could have ended tragically. Thank you all for believing in us as much as we believe in you!