“Unreachable” Doorbell Dog Rescued in Bulgaria

Here at the Harmony Fund, our rescue squads fly under the banner of “Saving the animals others deem unreachable” and today I want to illustrate exactly what that means.

Under ordinary circumstances a neglected dog languishing in a backyard in a rural mountain community in Bulgaria would not stand a chance of ever getting help, but these are no ordinary circumstances. As you read this, our partners at Colonel Angels Bulgarian Street Dogs are in the midst of saving just such a dog. He is wounded on one of his back legs and suffering from advanced parasitic infestation at only two years old. His “owners” were afraid that he could contaminate their children (although they never visit him on his chain), so they were about to shoot the dog. However, after a great deal of persuasion, they have allowed us to take the dog and get him veterinary care and a foster home with one of our volunteers. At this very moment, Candy Sasse is making a four hour drive to the leading veterinary hospital in Bulgaria with the hope that experts can identify the exact parasite that is afflicting this dog and begin treatment immediately.

When you look at this dog, you can’t help but wonder just how surprised he is at this moment to receive human kindness for the very first time. Until now he’s never gone for a walk, played in a stream or slept indoors. He’s never been held or cherished. What incredible new experiences await him now!

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