We are So Grateful—Help Us Feed Thousands of Animals This November

feeding farm animals, cows, turkeys and dog

The Harmony Fund is known for being a tiny little charity with a great big heart. Across many countries, we provision volunteers with food for hungry animals who are living on the streets, in graveyards and abandoned buildings. Our volunteers seeks out animals hiding in the forests or deep in landfills, and those animals come running. After all, they recognize the cars and the voices of the heroes who have not forgotten them. They know the sound of sacks of food being opened. They now know the sounds of love.

Feeding dogs in the snow

As millions of people tuck into delicious meals this holiday season, we’ll be out there doing what we do best. Not just dogs and cats, but calves, turkeys, horses and pigs saved from slaughter. After all, every heart wants the same simple freedoms in this world. Freedom from pain, from hunger, from thirst. Freedom to move without chains. Freedom to stand under the sun and to simply be.

Feeding dogs in the field

Join Our Mission

Join us this month on an incredible mission to GIVE, everything we’ve got, to the animals who need us most this holiday season.

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Harmony Fund is a 501c3 charity. Donations are tax deductible.

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