How a Stack of Firewood Can Save Them

Rescued dog & cats.At least once a month, another box is left at the gate of Bosnian rescuer Danka Kantar. She and her husband Zoran, who sadly has suffered from two heart attacks, do their best to feed and protect the puppies and kittens that arrive in cardboard boxes. It seems to be an ever-flowing supply of animals dropped off by others in the community who are not willing to spay/neuter their pets. Residents simply leave the responsibility of the offspring on Danka’s very weary shoulders.

All year long, Harmony Fund helps provide food and care for the dogs and cats here. But what we need most of all right now is firewood. It’s time to start splitting and drying wood for next winter to keep the rescuers and these animals warm.

“Next winter is already weighing heavily on my mind,” Danka said. “We are truly full here with animals. I am so afraid of being cold in the freezing temperatures which make life impossible. We’ve been through that in the past. The pain of the cold is far worse than the hunger we have known. I can go without food, but I can’t bear the cold.”

It is an honor to help so many ‘underdog’ rescuers like Danka each month through your incredible support. Donations today will help us to buy firewood for this rescue center and to provide food for thousands of animals internationally.

Thank you everyone.

Rescued dog & cats.