Scorpion Bit Kitty Pulls Through

July 2013

We just heard from our partner Marianne Willemse at Love Animal House in Thailand and she shares good news after some tense moments…

“I just brought Mia Noi back from the hospital” Marianne said. “She was bitten by a scorpion 3 days ago. She went into shock and seizures, it was right on the edge there for 24 hours. I prayed & prayed and thank goodness she pulled through.”

So many times, Marianne has saved animals from a sting worse than this, from the kind of wounds that can only come from human attacks. Marianne is widely regarded for her amazing skills in working with fearful animals, with aggressive dogs and with “hopeless” cases. We are deeply blessed that our supporters are financing food to keep all the animals here nice and plump. It takes $2,000 a month to feed the animals and this all comes from you.


And more good news! We’re nearing completion on the building of a shelter to keep the large animals dry during torrential rains. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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