Raid at “Satan’s Shelter” Frees Animals by the Van-full

Romanian police raid

Yesterday, Satan’s shelter, a dark and secret Romanian prison for animals, was raided by our hero rescuers and the police.

Romanian police raid

We loaded the first group of 41 dogs onto a series of rescue vans. Today we are back on site to gather more of the 136 dogs as well as a few cats and two ponies. We are working with a small group of trusted, reputable Romanian rescuers who are making space for these new arrivals despite already having a full house. Every animal will receive food, water and care during the ongoing mission to get them all to safety.

Rescued dogs in romania

Rescued dogs being set to transported to safety


Because of our deep regard for our supporters, we scrutinize every rescue center asking for charitable support. We first grew suspicious that something was wrong at this so-called animal shelter when the women running it repeatedly asked us for financial support but were evasive about providing live videos, receipts and veterinary certificates. We started to dig into the truth behind the façade and are shocked by what we’ve found.

One of the rescuers today tearfully described this place as “Satan’s shelter”. She feels weak and sick as she begins the journey back to her city with a van-full of dogs. Apparently, many people in the local community have known of this place for years but were afraid to get involved, including the local authorities. We have spent the past 30 days gearing up for this raid and lining up soft places for the animals to land.

Rescued dogs being set to transported to safety

The shelter is being run by two adult women who are mother and daughter. We sent a volunteer inspector who pushed her way onto the shelter grounds despite the women trying to lock her out at the gate. Besides the incredible filth on the grounds, lack of drinking water and total disrepair, the dogs themselves told us what is happening there. The barked wildly at the shelter owners as if they were intruders.

Our volunteer has returned several times to gather evidence, remove a few of the most desperate animals and bring food and water to all. We also brought a farrier in because the ponies’ hooves were so long that they could barely walk. On each encounter, the shelter owners appeared intoxicated and would follow our volunteer from kennel to kennel and harass her as she worked. They would scream at each other and demand money from us. Although unsubstantiated at this early stage, we have been told that these women used good-faith donations from the public to buy themselves an apartment while the animals were left cold, hungry and untreated.

Terribly matted dog just rescued

Terribly matted dog just rescued

Terribly matted dog just rescued

Terrible conditioned dog just rescued

The extensive veterinary care, food, sheltering, spay/neuter and adoption preparations for all these animals is expected to rise in excess of $13,000 which we do not have. We must also pursue a legal case to stop these women from collecting more animals. They will not stop, they will never stop, unless we prosecute.

Dog in the cage now safe waiting to be transported to safety

2 puppies in the cage now safe waiting to be transported to safety

These animals have nowhere else to go. Harmony Fund brings in the light they probably thought would never shine again. This winter the animals will not be hungry. They will not freeze. They will not be forgotten.

Please give | rescued dog sleeping in the crate

If you can help us, please donate now.

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