On the Brink of War in Ukraine: Who Will Feed the Animals?

Can We Feed the Dogs & Cats Here And Keep Them Safe

We’ve been in touch with two major animal shelters in Ukraine and both are petrified and in a state of shock. The price of food has skyrocketed and because of the fear domestically, no one is donating funds or bringing in food for the dogs and cats. We ARE now that lifeline.

“Stop. Breath. and look around with opened eyes,” says Marina Bolokhovets of FRIEND animal shelter. “We know how difficult it is to fight and how much pain and sorrow is on the way. We urge you not to stop. After all, if not we, who will? If each of us stop and lend a paw to the needy animals – there is a hope. And sometimes it is the last thing they have left … just hope…”

Tamara Tarnawska, head of the Shelter SOS Kiev, was attacked recently and her car was burned by political arsonists. She tells us that the Ukraine is cut off from the world as troops move in and men and even children are being bloodied in the streets.

To help FRIEND shelter in Dnepropetrovsk and Shelter Kiev SOS, please use our donation form here.

Let’s all pray there will be a peaceful resolution soon. A huge thanks to each of you who are contributing.