Gypsies Ambush Volunteer and Steal Money for Cat Sanctuary

We had to respond to an emergency in Greece tonight. Lily, the volunteer who pays the rent on Sanja Dimitrijevic’s small cat sanctuary each month, was robbed as she went to visit her father in the hospital. An elderly woman in the parking lot asked her for 50 cents and her good deed was quickly rewarded with a violent attack.

“She said she was poor and she looked needy” Lily explains. ‘I gave her one euro and I left but she followed me and she was blocking my way. Suddenly two huge gypsies came from behind. Everything happened fast, They started talking a strange language, then they were cursing me in Greek. The old lady was facing me and the two gypsies on either side of me. One of them holding a long rusty nail threatening me that if I shouted, she would put it in my neck. They took all my money.”

Poor Lily is recuperating from this scare and the Harmony Fund is putting up the rent money for the cat sanctuary this month to replace what was stolen. We’re thankful that Lily is unharmed and that the cats will not lose the roof over their heads. Care will continue for street cats like this one who depend on volunteers who feed them.

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