Great start for Romanian Dogs, Thanks to you!

Construction began at the new Teddy Alex Shelter in Romania thanks to our matching grant in August. Just look at the amazing progress that has taken place so far.

Due to escalating rent and problems with neighbors who do not like dogs, the shelter needs to be moved. This time the land will be permanently owned and the rescue center will have long-sought stability in its new location on the outskirts of the community. It is a true race against the weather as winter will be closing in quickly.

“We have built the water well and pipes and started building the kennels,” shelter founder Alexandra Sarau explains. “We paid the workers, bought a concrete mixer and a power generator.”

In total, 45 kennels will be built to accommodate over 160 dogs. And there’s also the upcoming cost of fencing, two cat rooms, volunteer living quarters, a food storage area, firewood and road repairs to make the shelter more accessible during winter. There’s certainly a lot to be done and only a fraction of the funds for this work have been raised.

To help build the shelter before snow arrives, please DONATE.

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