Her Dream is Coming True – Oasis for Animals

For years, the Harmony Fund has been sponsoring Bosnian animal welfare attorney and rescuer Dalida Kozlic. She’s truly one-of-a-kind in the coupling of both compassion and expertise. By day, Dalida brings justice to corrupt government officials responsible for the widespread neglect at municipal dog pounds. By night, she takes care of many sick and orphaned dogs and cats.

Bosnian dog rescue

Recently, Dalida asked for help in the creating a rescue center of her own, which would be a very big cost savings over her existing process of having to place so many rescued animals into a paid boarding center while waiting for an adopter. The rescue center is on the site of an older property which is being rennovated for the dogs. Things are progressing beautifully. The finished site will include a secure building for the dogs to sleep at night, to stay safe during bad weather and a big yard for them to play in. We’d like to help Dalida finish this oasis for dogs, and we sent aid on Thursday to make that dream come true.

“I have dedicated all my life to saving animals and I have big plans and big dreams,” Dalida said. “I am speechless to receive your donation to help. You are my angels. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to you, I am preparing a bit of heaven for my rescued animals.”