Dogs Go Deep Undercover to Save Hungry Animals Across the Planet

A few brave dogs have stepped forward in the ultimate mission to topple the empire of cats on the internet. Some 250 million fans have fallen in love with celebrity cats Grumpy, Henri and Maru, but the dogs now say, “Ready your litter boxes, the poo is about to hit the fan!”


Each of our commandos is a veteran of the street wars. They have survived hunger, neglect and cruelty, often enduring extreme weather during their years of homelessness. These courageous dogs are now launching a mission to save their comrades, and they’re going deep undercover.


Though they find themselves thousands of miles apart, each of these cat impostors is following orders from central command at the Harmony Fund charity headquarters. Exercising unmatched valor in the face of great humiliation, the dogs are determined to maintain their identities as cats in order to gain popularity and raise critically needed donations for food, shelter and protection from cruelty for their brothers and sisters.


When asked about the stigma associated with being a cat impostor, Lieutenant Hobo closes his eyes and asks us to lower the camera.


“We will go down in history as revolutionaries,” Hobo whispers. “For the sake of cold and hungry dogs everywhere, I will learn to lower my leg and wash my whiskers.”


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