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Rescue Blitz Underway for Abandoned Dogs


These abandoned hunting dogs are now safe. The latest in a string of rescues for “useless” former hunting dogs who are left to starve when their owners replace them with younger ones, these dogs are experiencing human kindness for the first time ever. Even though they showed their previous “owners” unwavering affection and devotion, that loyalty was never a two-way street.

Vivienne Wharton, Founder of the tiny animal welfare group ACTIN, led the rescue today, on her birthday of all days. She and her teammate arrived at the property and told the owner that they were bringing a “denuncia” (legal action) against him for cruelty to the dogs. The dog’s owner crumbled at the thought of being held accountable for his actions and agreed to let them take the dogs…. those two dogs only. But we suspect there are more. We believe he has puppies born from this pair which means, this rescue is not yet over.

Today’s rescue was one in a string of rescues for dogs left to starve when they are no longer valued. Please have a look below at some of the other dogs who have been brought to safety in recent days and help us to protect these animals and the people who save them.

The Harmony Fund is in the midst of a rescue blitz in poor communities of the United States,Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Spain, Ukraine, Bosnia, Indonesia, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and more. We can only hope today, that now that you know of this mission, some of you will help us. Any tax deductible donation, large or small, goes directly to the animals. Bless you all.

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