400 Dogs Will Never Go Hungry Again

Sasha Pejčić cares for 400 dogs at his breathtaking animal shelter in Serbia. The dogs eat, play, run and sleep together peacefully. Most have been taken off of the streets and nursed back to health (also spayed and neutered) and now live in a large pack in a disused riding school. At night they sleep in stables in groups of about 15.

For each of Sasha’s dogs there has been that moment when they stop and look at him, really look at him. Shortly after arriving here, they all have a moment when they seem to understand that they won’t be going back to the streets. This is a place where unconditional love is given in exchange for unconditional love. Time and time again, Sasha has witnessed the dogs in that moment of recognition, almost a trance-like state, as the wonder of their situation seems to sweep across them.

2013 has been a tough year financially for the shelter as funding has suddenly slowed to a trickle.The Austrian organization that was supporting this shelter is no longer able to meet the complete financial needs here and the dogs did not eat for two days last month.


We hadn’t told Sasha that we were working on raising money to feed the dogs because we didn’t want to get his hopes up until we knew what we could do. We simply bought a few days food and got to work. But last week when we gave him the news that we would help in a VERY significant way, you could feel the electricity in the air. Sasha held his stomach and rubbed his forehead.

“I can’t believe. I can’t believe,” he said shaking his head. “After 10 long years of struggle, I feel like a phoenix rising from the ashes.” And then the volunteers around him began to cry.

How We’re Turning Things Around for the Dogs


we sent $10,500 to clear the shelter’s debt which included a few months of back-rent and workers’ wages. These funds also bought a month’s worth of food and vaccines for all the dogs.


We’re sending another $12,000 to cover the shelter’s operational costs for the next 60 days to give them some breathing room while volunteers work on rolling out a plan to have the shelter become more self-sufficient through increased fundraising efforts.

Throughout 2013 and beyond:

Harmony Fund will continue to donate $2,000 or more each month until such a time when our aid is no longer needed.

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