Wish #3: Food For Free-Running Sanctuary 1,000+ Dogs Now Saved by Harmony Fund

Sasha holds a sign that says "Thank you Harmony Fund" with all of his rescue dogs

If someone were to tell you that there was a sanctuary where hundreds of rescue dogs run free, play hard and eat heartily on meticulously cleaned grounds, you might think it was just a fairytale But those of you who have been with Harmony Fund for a while, know this story is true.

“Without your sustained commitment it would have been unthinkable to provide a daily roof, food, and protection for the hundreds of dogs now under our care,” Serbian sanctuary founder Sasha Pesic said. “While our initiative started with a few dogs, the inflow of hungry and often injured dogs was soon too hard to manage. We will never forget how you came to the rescue in those dark days.”

sasha's rescue dogs and rescuers

“Only thanks to you in recent years, over 1,000 dogs have experienced daily care, food and affection. More than 300 of them (and counting) have been adopted by loving families. Without your help our only option would have been to put the dogs back on the streets, with the high risk of starvation, freezing, accidents and even abuse. Endless thanks to you for the continuous monthly funds and support that keeps our magical home for the dogs alive.”

About half of the dogs at this sanctuary have sponsors, which means that we work very hard to come up with the funds for all the other dogs each month.

Sasha's rescue dogs and rescuers

Sasha’s Wish:

Food! Although no dogs have missed meals, we did have to cut back a tiny bit over the last two months. Any help in buying food would be very, very appreciated. It’s about $16 per dog, per month for all costs.

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