Wish #2: Mountain Hero Needs Food, Fencing & Dog Houses “I Am Tinka, Soldier of Love for Animals”

Tinka and her rescue dogs

Tinka working“My name is Tinka, I am 36-years-old and I am taking care of more than 30 abandoned animals at any time,” hero Tinka Anic explains from her mountaintop sanctuary. “I was an artist and tourist worker before I came back to my birth town and saw the horrible situation on the streets where dogs were dumped by owners and then killed by hunters. Seeing that, I decided to put my all resources and energy into making a change.”

“I was very lucky because my parents are not primitive and stoned hearted people so they gave me their support,” Tinka continues. “My dad help me to find an old house destroyed by war. It was far away from people, in mountains, far away from civilization. I met one older man, who saw that I gave everything to dogs and cats and nothing for myself, and he decided to help to fix my house to make conditions so that I could live in it like a human. People heard about my love and what I do for animals and started to dump puppies and older dogs in front of my doors. They are thinking, ‘If she can take care for 15 dogs, then she can take for 2, 5, 6 more.’ And that is how numbers grow.”

“Sometimes I am very sad because I would like to have a normal life, to have my family and job and clean car, vacations and time for myself, but I don’t have that possibility. I have more than 30 animals who don’t have anyone except me to care for them. I have found good homes for many dogs and cats, and that keeps me alive. People send me videos and photos of my dogs and cats who are living like kings now that they are adopted.”

tinka and her rescue dogs

“Lots of people tell me, ‘You can’t do that, you have just one life and you have to put yourself on first place.’ But no, I don’t think so. Life is eternal, and my time on this earth I will not spend on my pleasures. I will spend it to be change that I want to see in the world, no matter how much it will cost. So if you ask me is it difficult, I say yes it is, more than you can imagine. But I am Tinka, solider of love, and give my life to bring love to victims of our society, to give them a dignified life no matter what it costs me.”

tinka and her rescue dogs in the woods

tinka walking with her rescue dogs

Tinka’s Wish:

Dog & cat food and material for a few more dog houses and fencing. Total cost is about $1,450.

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