The Amazing Work of Animals Asia

  • jill-bear
    Jill Robinson wraps her arms around Emma, a male black/brown hybrid who was rescued in 2004 with his cell mate Caesar from a farm in Tianjin in the north of China. They were both wearing full metal jackets and had been caged and milked for their bile for 9 years. There was a bit of a mix-up early on based on the assumption that the larger of the two bears was a male and the smaller a female. Oddly enough, it was completely the other way around but the names simply stuck and the bears don’t seem to mind a bit. Most days Emma can be found splashing around the pool with 16 other brown bears including his closest friends BJ and Martin.
  • bear-operation
    This is Ceasar a ‘bear farm’ survivor who was rescued alongside Emma in 2004. Both bears were wearing full metal jackets that had to be carefully removed during the first veterinary examination. Both Ceasar and Emma have made an excellent recovery as they set out on their journey to experience the wonders of being a bear in the safety of the Animals Asia sanctuary.
  • bear-on-tree
    Jasper has a penchant for climbing, and perhaps, a not-so-subtle love for the camera.
  • jill-rescuing-bear
    Jasper spent 15 years in this cage before his rescue. It’s almost impossible to imagine that there are more than 7,000 others like him still on bear farms in China and thousands more elsewhere in Asia.
  • bear-paw
    Jill holds the paw of a dying bear, Treacles, who makes a peaceful passage surrounded by love.
  • christmas
    Team Leader Feng Ming and Howard Lang hide bits of mince pie as a special Christmas treat for the bears who enjoy following their noses to forage for their holiday gifts.
  • jill-puppy
    Jill rescues a dog from Dujiangyan after The Great Sichuan Earthquake that killed 70,000 people. The dog, later named Richter, was adopted by Chengdu-based British veterinary nurse Wendy Leadbeater.
  • 3dogs-3rescures
    Dog keepers Wu Chunrong, Zhao Ping and Zhu Guijun with some of the dogs rescued from the earthquake.
  • dog-bedside
    Dr. Paws makes a hospital visit to a hospice patient in Chengdu.
  • save-dogs-meat
    Animals Asia jumped at the opportunity to rescue this truck full of dogs who had been sentenced to meet their end at the meat market. Dogs who were just hours away from making their way into the hands of people who would deliberately and painfully murder them, found themselves miraculously in the custody of a small crowd that had gathered to save them.

Animals Asia works with local authorities and communities throughout Asia to find long-term solutions to some of the most extreme forms of animal cruelty. The organization’s most high profile project is their Moon Bear Rescue operation to save bears from cruel bile farms in China and Vietnam. Although bear farming is a relatively new industry that surfaced in just the last 30 years or so, wild bears have long been hunted across Asia. The prized organ in many cultures is the gall bladder which contains a form of bile used to create analgesics and sometimes even marketed as a sort of mystical enhancement to products like wine and shampoo. On bear farms, the bears sometimes spend more than 20 years in coffin-sized cages and are milked daily for their bile through crude catheters or permanently open holes in their in abdomen. Animals Asia hosts a powerful campaign to close down the bear farms, and meanwhile, they’ve created amazing park-like sanctuaries in China and Vietnam for more than 700 bear farm survivors. In those first days and weeks at the sanctuary the bears experience simple pleasures for the first time. Most have never felt the tickle of grass beneath their paws or the simple sensation of stretching and walking.

Animals Asia’s “Friends…or Food?” campaign is helping to end cat-and-dog consumption in Asia. Each year, this terrible trade sees millions of dogs and cats endure horrific cruelty and a brutal death. Dogs and cats are crammed on top of one another in tiny cages and thrown onto trucks to be transported for several days under hellish conditions to live-animal markets in the south. Here they are either electrocuted, beaten to death, strangled, bled out or boiled alive. Dogs are killed deliberately slowly in the misguided belief that torture equals taste. Under the “Friends.or Food?” campaign, Animals Asia is working to provide local Chinese animal welfare groups with a platform to stand up and speak out for what they believe in, so that together, we can end dog and cat eating from within.

Animals Asia runs a number of other projects, such as Doctor Dog and Professor Paws—innovative animal-therapy programs that see over 250 “canine consultants” visiting hospitals, homes for the elderly, disabled centers, orphanages and schools across Hong Kong, mainland China, the Philippines, Japan, India, Taiwan and Malaysia, spreading unconditional love and warmth to people in need, while highlighting the positive role that companion animals play in society. Professor Paws involves hands-on lessons designed to improve the children’s English-language skills and confidence, while encouraging children to care for animals. In late 2008, Animals Asia launched Professor Paws in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, known as China’s dog-and-cat eating capital.

We implore you to help us support the amazing mission of Animals Asia and all the charity members of the Harmony Fund.

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