New England Wildlife Center

New England Wildlife Center is a native wildlife preservation and educational organization located in South Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA. We provide rehabilitation animal habitat and environmental protection, affording humane care to native and naturalized wild animals through our wildlife medicine hospital.

The Center headquarters is located in a brand-new state-of-the-art 3-level 22,000 sf hospital and education center situated on 13 acres in South Weymouth, MA. New England Wildlife Center is a nonprofit, humane, educational organization incorporated in Massachusetts.

Our humane wildlife rehabilitation hospital and education center is staffed with licensed veterinarians and certified veterinary technicians who care for sick, injured and orphaned native animals. All activities in the hospital serve an educational function.

We care for 225 naturalized and native animal species of New England. Our goal is to provide care for sick, injured and orphaned wild animals to enable them to become healthy, self-reliant members of the native habitat.

Undergraduate, graduate and high school students participate directly in this veterinary medicine care practice so that they may become familiar with the species, the medical terminology and skills that are employed in caring for these disenfranchised patients.

All species receive humane care and rehabilitation without bias. Each patient case is a learning laboratory whether it is a naturalized starling or a threatened pied-billed grebe. Our goals are to better understand the interactions between mankind, wildlife and their native habitat and to provide basic and sophisticated information to elementary, higher education students, professionals and the public.

It is only through knowledge, understanding and the direct and buffered contact with wild animals that people of all walks of life will value, preserve and protect the environment, animal wildlife, and their native habitat. Please help the Harmony Fund support this and other critical wildlife protection programs.