Harmony Meadows

horseAdoption centers will tell you that it’s very difficult to find a home for a cat with leukemia. The same goes for a horse who has gone blind, an elderly goat or an iguana who grew “too big” to be a family pet. These are the castaways who, through no fault of their own, simply can’t find someone willing to look after them.

Harmony Meadows will be a sanctuary for displaced animals who are unsuccessful in finding a home through the traditional venues for adoption. We will offer lifelong care in a professionally operated environment designed to meet the specific needs of each of the species we care for. Because we’ve seen far too many sanctuaries find themselves in a desperate situation when donations slow down, we must be certain that Harmony Meadows is endowed with ample funding to endure significant economic downturns. None of us would want to get into a situation where we suddenly find ourselves unable to provide for the animals who trust us to give them food, shelter and veterinary care. Thus we begin saving now with the understanding that it may be several years before we are ready to welcome our first desperate animals, but on that day there are two things for certain. One, there won’t be a dry eye among us. And two, every animal who arrives at Harmony Meadow will experience the joy of being truly loved, and for some, that feeling will come for the very first time.

Thank you for helping us create the special haven for animals in crisis.