Dogs Deserve Better

  • roan
    Roan lived on this chain in all types weather for 10 years, he was rescued through owner relinquishment by Dogs Deserve Better.
  • roan-now
    Roan now enjoying a clean and happy life inside a home with someone who truly loves him.
  • roscoe
    Roscoe was chained here his entire life with little to no shelter and was rescued through owner relinquish by Dogs Deserve better.
  • roscoe-now
    Here is Roscoe in his new home living the good life!
  • scooby
    Scooby is a purebred Collie who was chained to this tree his entire life and was rescued through owner relinquishment by Dogs Deserve better.
  • scooby-now
    Here is Scooby with his new Family and his rescuer, DDB rep Melody Whitworth
  • rosie
    Rosie lived her life in this small filthy cage and was rescued through owner relinquish by Dogs Deserve better.
  • rosie-now
    Here is Rosie sleeping with her new best friend Ms. Daisy, she now enjoys the comforts of home!

Dogs Deserve Better is a 501(c)(3)not for profit organization dedicated to the plight of chained and penned Dogs who live as prisoners yet long to be pets. DDB was formed in 2002 as a voice for these animals that we call “The Forgotten Ones”. Working through educational and legislative efforts to improve the lives of these animals, DDB has made a sweeping change in the way that people view chaining and penning. In the summer of 2009, we posed a challenge to our reps to rescue 90 Dogs in 90 days; their response was to rescue 100 Dogs in 89 days. During this campaign, the dogs were rescued with an understanding on the part of the caretaker that chaining a dog is wrong and they agree never chain another dog on their property. This was a huge undertaking, every Dog that is rescued through the DDB organization is fully vetted including spaying/neutering. Soon there was an overwhelming response from our supporters as they realized our level of dedication and many are now standing up for these Dogs in their own community. Today DDB has 106 area reps in 37 states, 6 in Canada, 1 in China and 1 in the U.K.

Another vital function of our organization is to install free fencing for those who agree to bring their Dog(s) into the home and make them a part of the family. With this program we are we giving them a more humane form of containment and we are educating the family, teaching them what a true friend their Dog is as well as creating a safer, more loving environment for generations to come for families who have always viewed chaining and penning as acceptable.

By increasing awareness to this issue and bringing this neglect to the public view, DDB has been a key player in the legislative efforts that are taking hold across America. Today there are nearly 120 communities who have addressed chaining in their ordinances, 6 states have more humane laws on the books and many communities are currently considering taking this step.

Our hope is that someday Dogs will no longer be seen as just another piece of property to be chained or caged in the backyard but that they will be treated as the loving and loyal animals that they are, living as part of the family with respect for them as a social companion animal.