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The Harmony Fund is on a singular mission to rescue the animals others deem unreachable. Our partnerships across the globe are aimed at growing some of the most effective and down-right courageous animal protection projects on the planet. Working largely in impoverished communities, we aim to bring peace to animals living in places once absent of hope.

Watch as a chained dog who has survived 8 winters outdoors, is welcomed into the living room of a new family who loves him.  Join us as a baby gorilla orphaned by poachers is carried to a sanctuary where she can live among others of her kind.  And hold the flashlight as we tend to the late night needs of a herd of starving horses.

The Harmony Fund offers a sacred space of hope for animal lovers.  We don’t believe that we have to break your heart with graphic photos or dire forecasts. Instead we invite you to take a look at our projects near and far, and if you’re ready to start saving animals hand-over-fist, please make a donation today.

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Our Recent Rescue Work from Across the Globe

  • Feeding farm animals, cows, turkeys, dog

    We are So Grateful—Help Us Feed Thousands of Animals This November

    The Harmony Fund is known for being a tiny little charity with a great big heart. Across many countries, we provision volunteers with food for hungry animals who are living on the streets, in graveyards and abandoned buildings. Our volunteers seeks out animals hiding in the forests or deep in landfills, and those animals come…Read More

  • Rescued animals

    Feeding Animals During Corona Outbreak

    We are incredibly thankful to be helping underdog rescue squads during this time when they need us most. Without all of you, so many animals would go hungry. Many of you have been making donations to help and we have already sent aid rescue centers in Romania, Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, Bosnia, Serbia, and Venezuela as…Read More

  • Rescue in Romania

    One Year Later – Romanian Pound Closed

    Many of you have supported our efforts in Targu Neamt, Romania, where we brought court cases against the Mayor and City Hall, for cruelty and fraud, against the dogs in the local pound. After several months of providing food and adopting out as many dogs as possible, we legally closed the pound and removed all…Read More

  • Bark ark in bosnia

    Month’s Supply of Food for the Bark Ark

    In a special matching-gift campaign on Facebook during the month of January, we raised funds to provide a month’s supply of food for 700 dogs at the Bark Ark in Bosnia. “It’s a heavy and expensive task that we have to do every day,” The Bark Ark director Bojan Veselica explained. “Each day, 450 kilograms…Read More

  • Rescue in Finland

    In Their New Adoptive Homes – Bliss!

    This month our Facebook supporters helped provide a little extra help to the amazing work of the Help For Furries rescue team, based in Finland. This tiny group rescues stray, abused and abandoned animals from landfills, dog pounds and captive cruelty in the Balkans. Harmony Fund has been supporting them periodically for the past few…Read More

  • Street Dogs Happily Eat Our Meals

    For the past few years, we’ve been sponsoring meals for street dogs in Sarajevo where young volunteer Lejla Lagumdzija delivers food daily. The dogs recognize her and, although most won’t come too close, they are always happy to see their human friend. We can’t solve the world’s stray dog problem, but we can make a…Read More

  • Turkish Rescue Center

    Turkish Rescue Center Sitting in Quick Sand

    The Turkish Animal Group (TAG) was founded by Karen Wren after she visited Turkey for the first time in 2002 and witnessed the living conditions animals were forced to deal with. From that day forward, Karen knew that the rest of her life would be committed to helping the animals. But since December, donations have…Read More

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