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The Harmony Fund is on a singular mission to rescue the animals others deem unreachable. Our partnerships across the globe are aimed at growing some of the most effective and down-right courageous animal protection projects on the planet. Working largely in impoverished communities, we aim to bring peace to animals living in places once absent of hope.

Watch as a chained dog who has survived 8 winters outdoors, is welcomed into the living room of a new family who loves him.  Join us as a baby gorilla orphaned by poachers is carried to a sanctuary where she can live among others of her kind.  And hold the flashlight as we tend to the late night needs of a herd of starving horses.

The Harmony Fund offers a sacred space of hope for animal lovers.  We don’t believe that we have to break your heart with graphic photos or dire forecasts. Instead we invite you to take a look at our projects near and far, and if you’re ready to start saving animals hand-over-fist, please make a donation today.

Our Recent Rescue Work from Across the Globe

  • Serbia free-running dog rescue

    New Nesting Boxes for the Free-Running Dog Sanctuary

    Hammers have been swinging at Sasha Pejčić’s free-running dog sanctuary in Serbia. Ingrid Martens of Dog Happiness Belgium and her husband Frederik, along with other volunteers, recently spent their summer vacation building nesting boxes which will be invaluable in providing comfort and protection during inclement weather. The more sleeping quarters we have, the more the…Read More

  • cat bed

    You Saved the Day! Street Dogs & Cats in Serbia Won’t Be Hungry Now

    Dana Djurkovic is a rescuer in Serbia who ventures out each day to feed animals in the street after caring for the 50 cats and 5 dogs at her own sanctuary. Dana rarely asks for our help, but does so only when she is quite desperate. “Dear Laura, I need your help again,” Dana wrote…Read More

  • Stella

    Feeding the Sweet “Outlaw” Dogs of Bosnia

    Each month Harmony Fund fills the bowl of every dog at the Hresa pound in Bosnia. On the whole, municipal dog pounds in this region are dreadful. The dogs here would previously starve, freeze or succumb to disease without veterinary care. But donations from all of you have enabled volunteers to create a better life…Read More

  • Bosnia puppy rescue

    The Rescue of Three “Bear” Puppies

    No, they aren’t actually bear cubs, but these fuzzy puppies were living in the wild in a den with their mother in Bosnia. Unfortunately, their mother was hit by a car and perished. One of our rescue heroes named Lela came upon them just in time as some of the local kids had decided to…Read More

  • Zimbabwe's Turgwe Hippo Trust

    Our Anti-Poaching Squad Keeps Them Safe

    “These are totally wild warthogs but they come to Hippo Haven to get loved and to get food,” Karen Paolillo of Zimbabwe’s Turgwe Hippo Trust said. “The fact that they allow this kind of contact is amazing to us.” Since our very beginning, Harmony Fund has been sponsoring an anti-poaching team the help these wonderful…Read More

  • Romania Puppy rescue

    Dog Found in Bag is Bursting With Love!

    “We just had an emergency call from Lucian, the security guard who feeds the dogs at the factories in Romania,” Harmony Fund’s Debbie Evans explained. “He found a puppy in a bag. We have him at Mihaela’s house (rescuer) and he is already receiving some medicines and lots of love.” This puppy is now safe…Read More

  • Look What You’ve Done for these Animals in Romania

    So many of the underdogs we partner with are rescuers who sacrifice everything to help homeless animals. Alexandra Sarau is no exception. We’ve watched her and her family struggle endlessly to care for animals and we have helped as frequently as we can. We stepped in with emergency aid again recently because Alexandra was so…Read More

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