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The Harmony Fund is on a singular mission to rescue the animals others deem unreachable. Our partnerships across the globe are aimed at growing some of the most effective and down-right courageous animal protection projects on the planet. Working largely in impoverished communities, we aim to bring peace to animals living in places once absent of hope.

Watch as a chained dog who has survived 8 winters outdoors, is welcomed into the living room of a new family who loves him.  Join us as a baby gorilla orphaned by poachers is carried to a sanctuary where she can live among others of her kind.  And hold the flashlight as we tend to the late night needs of a herd of starving horses.

The Harmony Fund offers a sacred space of hope for animal lovers.  We don’t believe that we have to break your heart with graphic photos or dire forecasts. Instead we invite you to take a look at our projects near and far, and if you’re ready to start saving animals hand-over-fist, please make a donation today.

Our Recent Rescue Work from Across the Globe

  • Snow Fairy Saves Dog in -16 Freeze

    It can take hours for Norica Prigoana to shake the cold out of her bones at the end of the day. After all, being the “snow fairy” at a Romanian dog shelter does not come with a sparkling gown or glittering crown. Most days she’s mopping kennel floors, scrubbing food bowls and, yes, kissing foreheads…Read More

  • Hero on Motorbike Delivers Food to Street Dogs & Cats

    Murat Şahin climbs onto his dusty motorbike and holds his breath as he turns the key, hoping the engine will start. His trip is important because he’s going to feed more than 100 dogs in forest of Aydos in Istanbul, Turkey.  Dozens of cats living along the rocky coastal walls are waiting for him too. Murat’s…Read More

  • Drenched in Icy Rain, Homeless Dog Is Wearing Sweater 1 Day Later

    You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain, and for this little dog, the side of a rainy road turned out to be exactly the perfect spot to be lost and found. One of Romania’s most beloved dog rescuers drives down that road each day and noticed the abandoned dog, waiting patiently beside the…Read More

  • Jasna Lazic

    100 Cats Can’t Take the Cold of Coming Winter – Please Help Us Buy Fuel to Heat Their Cottage

    In a quiet village on a street dotted in antique cottages, one home is more “alive” than all the rest. You see, there are more than 100 cats at the residentially-based Felix Cat Shelter in the Vojvodina region of Serbia. Only problem is, the cats’ caretaker Danica suffered a stroke and is no longer able…Read More

  • Turgwe Hippo Trust

    Why Are We Buying 1,500 Cabbages?

    This month we bought 1,500 cabbages and paid for trucks to bring in a massive amount of hay to feed wildlife along the Turgwe River in Zimbabwe where a regional drought, worsened by the El Nino weather phenomenon, has depleted water supplies and killed vast areas of vegetation. The UN has warned of the bleak…Read More

  • 80 Dogs Eating Stale Bread Devour GIFT of Delicious Kibble

    Meet Lela. We’re using only her first name because she is in a public service job in the mountain village of Hreša, located near Sarajevo in Bosnia. She’s in the very delicate position of needing to ‘fly under the radar’ in her efforts to bring care to 80 dogs at the public pound. The only…Read More

  • Drivers Stop Car to Save Dog Who Leads Them to Surprise!

    Edina Pasic in Sarajevo, Bosnia Reports: In the middle of the busy highway we saw a female dog running totally confused between cars and trucks. The cars were passing very fast, so I screamed. My teammate Caki stopped the car and tried to get over to her slowly. She was so scared that she started…Read More

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