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The Harmony Fund is on a singular mission to rescue the animals others deem unreachable. Our partnerships across the globe are aimed at growing some of the most effective and down-right courageous animal protection projects on the planet. Working largely in impoverished communities, we aim to bring peace to animals living in places once absent of hope.

Watch as a chained dog who has survived 8 winters outdoors, is welcomed into the living room of a new family who loves him.  Join us as a baby gorilla orphaned by poachers is carried to a sanctuary where she can live among others of her kind.  And hold the flashlight as we tend to the late night needs of a herd of starving horses.

The Harmony Fund offers a sacred space of hope for animal lovers.  We don’t believe that we have to break your heart with graphic photos or dire forecasts. Instead we invite you to take a look at our projects near and far, and if you’re ready to start saving animals hand-over-fist, please make a donation today.

Our Recent Rescue Work from Across the Globe

  • Dogs

    Please Help Feed Dogs – Donate to Our December Food Drive

    Our December Food Drive is the only way to keep thousands of dogs and cats alive next month. Today we want to show you just one of the small rescue centers who are counting on us for aid. “It is a really hard period for us at moment,” said rescuer Arijana Arijovic who lives at…Read More

  • smiling dog

    Food for the Hurricane Victims in Barbuda

    We made a donation this morning to assist with feeding the VERY HUNGRY animals on the island of Barbuda. Following Hurricane Irma, many dog, cats and horses and livestock were abandoned when Barbuda’s 1,800 residents escaped the approaching 185 mph winds. Volunteers are now trying to provide food and care after the animals who are…Read More

  • Sisters and Bubbles for Chimpanzee Orphans

    Under the direction of Jimmy and Jenny Desmond, Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue operates a nursery for fragile orphans of the bushmeat trade. Healing takes place here in the most breathtaking and unexpected ways. The Desmond’s dog Princess is a surrogate sister of sorts to the baby chimpanzees who simply can’t get enough of her. Love is…Read More

  • Help 280 Lions, Leopards & Baboons – War Zone Rescue

    Amidst the sound of nearby fighting, 280 animals are hungry in Yemen’s Taiz Zoo. Lions, leopards and baboons are among those in urgent need as this 2 year civil war wages on. Taiz has witnessed fierce clashes between Houthi rebels and forces loyal to exiled president Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi. Airstrikes by Saudi-led coalition aircraft in…Read More

  • Great start for Romanian Dogs, Thanks to you!

    Construction began at the new Teddy Alex Shelter in Romania thanks to our matching grant in August. Just look at the amazing progress that has taken place so far. Due to escalating rent and problems with neighbors who do not like dogs, the shelter needs to be moved. This time the land will be permanently…Read More

  • I have no words to show how happy I am!

    This is the Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac in Serbia. We have helped recently with a delivery of food and flea and tick medicines. “Every day is fight for something,” Milan Stojanovic explains. “New sick abandoned puppies. New dogs waiting outside of the shelter, but the shelter is full. The street is so near and cars…Read More

  • huge relief for Bosnian dog pound

    Huge Relief at Bosnian Dog Pound

    Many months ago we first told you about the dogs at the Hresa pound who were eating only bread and other scraps only three days a week. We’ve been able to take over feeding them daily thanks to you. “The Hresa dogs would not eat if it were not for Harmony Fund,” volunteer Debbie Ryan…Read More

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