Caring for the Animals of Morocco

Please Give to Moroccan Animal Rescue Heroes

Your donations will help with shelter, veterinary care, street feeding and sterilization for animals in Morocco.  At this time, we are providing special aid to rescuer Hinata Von Der Kat and your donation today will support her mission.

MONTHLY DONATIONS: Giving monthly is 12 times more powerful and provides a steady food supply for the animals!

Today we’re asking for help for one brave Moroccan rescuer named Hinata Von Der Kat who was arrested twice last year for feeding a group of about 30 homeless dogs and 50 cats in the local cemetery during lockdown. This cluster of animals was among the many she fed each day, walking about 6 hours to reach out to homeless animals in various locations. Police warned people not to leave their homes, but like many other rescuers internationally, Hinata couldn’t bear to abandon the homeless animals and let them starve for weeks on end. Despite her personal risks and sacrifices for the most vulnerable animals in her community, the arrival of Covid19 has eroded financial support and has brought Hinata to her knees.  

“It has been very hard,”  said Hinata Von Der Kat, a 34-year-old former kindergarten teacher. “The street cats and dogs are not eating as before. Before I used to feed them at least 4 days a week. Now, if they are lucky, they eat once a week from me. Due to lack of donations, I prioritize the cats in who are suffering cat flu and breathing problems. The donations I get barely help me afford food and sometimes we live day by day. Sometimes I wake up and I have no idea how I am gonna feed them and how I will get them litter and medication.”

Hinata has 34 cats living in her rental which has become a home-based shelter and she spends many hours cleaning each day to make sure there is no damage that would force the landlord to evict her and the cats. Hinata has been trying to build a cattery in a space offered by the landlord so that she can bring in 2 roommates. The cattery would house all the cats and would cost about $2,000 to construct. Roommates’ rent would provide a small stream of funds for cat food, litter and medications.  Additionally, Hinata currently owes about $1,250 to her veterinarian and is unable to purchase even basic flea prevention treatments.  She also has about 60 street cats in need of sterilization. Though all of this is a tall order, we’d love to help in whatever way we can to the extent that funds allow.

How You Can Help

You can donate on the donation form above for this mission in Morocco.  Thank you all for taking the time to read Hinata’s story.

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