Making Miracles for the Street Dogs & Cats in Turkey

  • Manuela Wroblewski
    Harmony Fund is helping the Turkish Animal Group (TAG) shelter to provide food and shelter for many animals who have nowhere else to go.
  • Manuela Wroblewski

    Manuela Wroblewski is a street champion for cats and dogs who live on the streets of Avsallar, Turkey. She walks for 8 hours a day, delivering food to the hungry waifs. People shout at Manuela and throw stones and spit at her. She is often afraid and ends her day in tears, but she refuses to give in. Through the kindness of Dr. Osman, a local veterinarian, many of the animals are being spayed/neutered.

  • Kitty and food

    This little one and his mother and littermates have all now been rescued and are receiving veterinary care.

  • At Vet

    At the veterinary clinic, one of the kittens gets her first examination.

  • Hobo the dog for adoption

    This is Hobo, one of the many beautiful dogs here waiting for a home. International adoption is the only avenue for these animals to find families and every effort is made to make the process easy.

  • Gentle Animals

    The animals here are exquisite. Each one so unique, so gentle-natured.

  • Kittens with Laura Simpson

    Emily and her three kittens were flown to the United States and now reside with Harmony Fund Founder Laura Simpson.

  • Feeding cats

    Each day, project leader Manuela Wroblewski walks for at least 3-5 hours, bringing food to the street cats and dogs who are not regarded with love locally. She also delivers food to other volunteers like this dear barber who cares for cats outside his shop despite his own financial struggle.

  • Turkey Vet Room

    Please Donate Now!

    This is known as “the cat room” at Dr. Osman’s clinic in Turkey. Here you see several of the cats Manuela has rescued recently. Each of them has been pre-adopted by a family overseas and is waiting for their departure date. The costs of this program are quite steep for the Harmony Fund each month, but the results are breathtaking. Thank you for your donation!

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