Hungry Dogs & Cats in Ukraine Will Be Fed With Your Help

  • Firebombs

    Help the Animals in Ukraine

    The biggest threat to the animals in Ukraine is not from firebombs. It comes from the potential for homelessness, hunger and cold this coming winter. Please, please help us give the shelters here the funds they need to keep the animals fed and protected.

  • Petro hurt.

    Hero Protects the Animals From Attackers

    Meet Petro. He is the shelter security guard who used himself as a human shield, protecting the dogs during a recent attack by angry Crimean refugees who wanted to kill the dogs and take over the shelter. Petro is recovering and we’re now doubling security to protect the guards at the shelter in Kiev.

  • Mom dog and her puppies

    They are So Blessed to Have the Shelter

    This mother dog and her puppies are incredibly fortunate to have the safety of the shelter around them at this time.

  • Cat shelter

    Thousands of Cats and Dogs Are
    Counting on Our Aid

    Here you see a few of the cats who take refuge at the Shelter Kiev SOS.

  • Feeding cats

    Donate to Provide Food, Heat & Protection

    The monthly costs of food and fuel are growing with massive inflation in Ukraine. Harmony Fund supporters are the only hope to keep these animals fed and warm this winter.

  • Dogs in the field

    The Shelters Provide Love & Care

    You’d never know by looking at them that these dogs at the FRIEND shelter once struggled for their very survival. All these rescued dogs have nowhere else to turn.


    Refugees Are Helping Too

    Two wonderful refugees, who are now living at the FRIEND shelter, help change bandages on a dog. They also help workers to cook for the animals and to clean the shelter grounds.

  • 3 dogs

    Donate to Provide Food, Heat & Protection

    We thank you a hundred times over for making a donation below to provide protection, food and warmth for the animals in the Ukraine. We will continue to do all we can to protect them from violence.

6 Ways to Donate Today

Harmony Fund is a 501c3 charity. Donations are tax deductible.

1) Single Gift Option:

Food, veterinary care, heat & protection for animals in the Ukraine

2) Monthly Donations:

Protect animals in the Ukraine & help animals in crisis all year long.

3) Credit Card Option

Need Help?

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4) Donate by Mail

Please send a check to: Harmony Fund 800 Main Street, Suite 217, Holden, MA 01520 U.S.A.

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6) International Wire Transfer

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