Harmony Fund’s First Animal Rescue Video Party

August 29, 2021: If you missed our first ever Zoom meeting, you can still see rescue videos from the field.  Watch Quick Clips from the Webinar or Watch the Full 1 Hour Webinar

Watch 10 Quick Clips from the Webinar

If you prefer to browse through a few rescue videos quickly, watch any of the short clips below to experience the power of your donations at work.

BOSNIA: Sponsoring the work of Andejo Sarajevo

Andejo Sarajevo is run by this devoted mother and animal advocate Edina Pasic. Every day, Edina’s phone rings non stop, beckoning her to rescue animals who are injured and abandoned. Harmony Fund is so proud to support this work on a monthly basis.

MOROCCO: Magical Shelter for Animals in Crisis

The SFT shelter in Morocco is run by a woman named Sally who is caring for over 500 dogs, cats, donkeys and more. In the past, we have helped this special rescue center, and now they are at the top of our waiting list for anothe round of support.

ITALY: Aid Sent to Jill Phipps Farm Sanctuary

Our hearts have grown three sizes bigger in the joyful mission to help our partners at this special farm sanctuary for animals who would have been sent to slaughter. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to keep them safe.

EGYPT: Help for the Freedom Shelter

We are so proud to have delivered a month’s supply of food for this special haven for dogs in Egypt. Harmony Fund recently helped the shelter relocate and now the dogs are eating well thanks to our supporters.

GREECE: Angels Bring Bags of Food to Homeless Cats

We love supporting volunteer heroes. Welcome to Greece where Lamia Enan has been leading a program to feed and sterilize cats on the island of Amorgos.

BOSNIA: Our heroic partner Caki Bravo Finds Puppies on Roadside

We’re so thankful to sponsor the rescues of the amazing Caki Bravo in Bosnia who devotes his life to saving animals in crisis. He is a member of a special team of volunteers who are saving lives hand-over-fist. Each month Harmony Fund sends a grant to help sponsor this work. Thank you!

PERU: Amazon Shelter Receives Donation of Food from Harmony Fund

We are happy to be helping the Amazon Shelter in Peru with food for the wildlife they are rehabilitating.

ROMANIA: Chained Dog Rescue Through Fundatia Sky

One of our favorite rescue partners in Romania is called Fundatia Sky. It’s an honor to work with them for the benefit of not only the animals they are sheltering, but to care for homeless and neglected animals. Take a look at this typical story of a dog who needed rescue. He’s safe now.

SERBIA: Sasha’s Free Running Dog Ahelter

We are delighted to sponsor food for all the dogs here on a year-round basis. This incredible shelter founder by heroic Serbian rescuer Sasha Pesic is home to more than 700 dogs (all spayed/neutered). These dogs were all rescued from neglect, cruelty or homelessness.

Nepal: Feeding Street Dogs

We are happy to lend our support to the volunteers at Voice of Nepal. Our recent support is helping provide food for homeless animals and spay/neuter campaigns.

Watch the Full 1 Hour Webinar

If you have a full hour, please enjoy this video recording of the Zoom meeting.  Some of the video clips don’t play as smoothly as we would like. Unfortunately, it’s a problem with Zoom’s recording and we aren’t able to correct this, but you can still experience the full webinar.

Thank you everyone for the incredibly powerful contribution you make to the welfare of animals near and far.

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