Adopting Suti

Suti is a young, female cat who was rescued from the streets of Avsallar, Turkey. Life there is very hard and there are HUNDREDS of street cats who survive largely because of our volunteer street feeders who delivery daily food and water.

Suti was rescued and flown to Boston recently and is in foster care awaiting a forever home. We hope to connect her with a wonderful, loving, responsible and understanding individual who has experience with cats. Suti is sweet and thrives on human affection. She wants to be with people as much as possible. Her foster mom reports that she occassionally plays rough when she gets very excited or really wants something. This will settle down in time naturally.

Suti is in good health, vaccinated and spayed. She is strong, energetic and curious. She likes to have things to do. She did test positive for FIV, a common immune system condition carried by most street cats. Most cats with FIV life a complete lifespan without illness. Its just that they can get sick when overly stressed. In a calm, loving home, Suti will thrive and this is not a concern.

She Will Fall In Love With You Quickly!

This poor cat has been abandoned and hurt by humans. Her kittens died in Turkey. She’s suffered so much. All she wants is to be loved, protected and cared for in a stable, home.

How To Inquire About SUTI:

If you would like to inquire, please send an email to Laura Simpson and just tell us a little bit about yourself and your home environment.

Our emails are full of happiness. They only come out 1 or 2 times a months!